Not sure if many of you know this but when I was little I was a gymnast.  In 6th grade I competed on a competitive team and even went to Canada for an event.  This past year Emma has taken gymnastics.  She just loves it (although mom and dad think we paid way too much money for her to wait in line for 10 min. to then hang on a bar or do a summer-salt for 5 seconds)  I’m not sure if we’ll let her keep doing it or not.  We are just wanting to make wise choices with where we put or money… however Emma LOVES it and so we’ll have to see what we decide in the fall. 

These were taken at parents day.  She performed on the balance beam, bars, and floor.  We smiled and clapped and she loved it.  And yes she is wearing a dance outfit since the day of her lesson I could not find her gymnastics outfit!  Poor girl. So glad she did not know any different!

Have a great weekend everyone!