Thanks for letting me share this week about Real Hope for Haiti and the RC and Clinic that is helping and impacting the lives of the people in Haiti.   Jamie shared on her blog today about Juberson and the difference the RC has made in his life.  He is one of many children that their lives saved by this wonderful ministry.  Aaron also shared today about Bennet and the role he is playing at the RC as one of it’s employees. 

Dave and I talked last night and we are now going to commit support this ministry monthly for the next year.  When I was in Haiti one of the things I asked Troy Livsay(another amazing family that is doing life changing work) was “How can I help have impact here in Haiti even though I’m not called to be here?”  I loved his answer.  He simply said per my paraphrase… “find places that are here and are doing good things and invest in them.”  Invest can mean a lot of different things.  Maybe that means you take a trip and see what they are doing or you begin to pray for them or you even give what you can to them.  That is probably the greatest impact that Dave and I can make on places like the RC and other places that we become aware of that are doing great things but need help.  We can invest in them and right now for the RC that means we can financially give to them.  Every little bit helps.  I wish we had excess of money that we could randomly give away but we don’t. So we look at what we can do.  What our family can personally sacrifice to help someone else that we believe in.  I’m not saying that to bring attention to ourselves but I think that it’s important that if I’m going to talk about peoples needs and ask other people to help that I’m also doing the same.

So would you consider helping?  If you want to you can click on the link below.  Every dollar helps. And if you don’t feel called to help the RC then I really challenge you to reflect on the places in your life where you see people who in need of help and do what you can for them.  I know you will be blessed. And again, thanks for letting me share this week about this need.

Here are some picts to enjoy while I was visiting the RC earlier this month.  These kids lives are being changed.  They are being given a chance to live all because of the RC and the Clinic that is there.  This place is full of laughter, energy and love. 

Haiti Rescue Center 012

Haiti Rescue Center 015

Haiti Rescue Center 007