Want to learn a little more about what makes me tick?  About a place that I spent the day at in Haiti on my recent trip to Haiti?  Want to hear about a family who is making a great impact in the people of Haiti?  Want to hear about ways you can play a role in helping them?  Then be sure to read Aaron’s blog today….  He is laying out the need and the way we can help in a simple way that explains everything.

Haiti Rescue Center 027

Meet Licia.  She runs the Rescue Center and is in charge of taking care of all the children that come there.  She is an amazing person.  I’ve had the chance to correspond with her over the past year.  To hear about her life and her joys and struggles.  I’ve had a chance to first hand see the work she is doing in helping to save children’s lives.  I’ve even had the chance to give her a great big hug and thank her for all she does.  She would never want me to share this with you but I feel I need to so you can really see what kind of a person she is.  When I was raising money for my trip to Haiti… one day when I was checking Email I saw that I had someone that had donated money for my trip.  Licia and Enoch her husband had made a donation to help me get to Haiti.  This family gives everyday and never asks for anything in return.  They simply trust God for their needs.  And they also are people who invest in other people as well.  Please consider how you can play a role in helping them.  Even if you have never been to Haiti, or know much about the country… pray how you might be able to help or maybe pass on this information to someone you know who may want to help. 

Thanks for letting me share with you!