I got in about 1AM last night.  Dave and Emma met me at the airport.  Emma had made a sign for me and I got a huge hug.  I talked the whole 2 hr drive home to Dave and tried with the best of my ability to try adn explain the week.  I think I failed at it.  When we arrived I walked through the door to our home.  I remember having the same feelings that I did 15 years ago.  My home seemed so lavish, the carpet felt so soft on my feet.  I took a deep breath in and thanked God for the things that I have.

I showered last night before I hit the bed.  First hot shower in 8 days.  It was bittersweet.  The water began to wash away the dust from the hour drive to the airport earlier that day.  It took the smell of charcoal out of my hair.  My mind began to wader through all the things I saw and experienced over the past week.  All physical remnants of Haiti are now gone but the sights, sounds and experience of my time are so clearly embedded in my heart.  I still feel myself seeing the redemption of the country.  Seeing beauty out of such broken and shattered places.  Just as I knew back on my first visit I know the same to be true again.  I will return.  I can already hear Haiti calling my name.  I’m  looking forward to the next journey Haiti will bring to us.  I know it will be an exciting journey and one that I am already anticipating.  But until then all I know to do as I process my experience is to get on my knees and ask God’s favor to come on the people there that He would redeem this broken world and all the places of it.  That He would redeem Haiti and that He would continue to use the many people He has called there to continue his mighty work.