I think we are all tired today.  At least I am.  We got up earlier today and left to see heartline.  This is where Beth and John run an orphanage and a womans program and a bunch of other stuff.  Some of us sorted through tubs of medical supplies and organized them and others helped sort fabric for the sewing class that they have.  Can you guess what I did?  Yup the sorting and organizing medical supplies.  It was great.  Right up my alley. 

I was able to see the orphanage again.  It is run so much like a home.  A few moms were there visiting thier kids.  One has been in process for 22 months and the other for 4 years.  That is what I mean when you never know how long the adoption process will take in Haiti.

After lunch we left to see one of Lifelines feeding centers.  I think that this has been the most impactful time on me so far.  To see what one organization can do in helping to feed kids.  They feed about 300-400 kids each day.  It’s a building in the middle of a village and all the kids come and sit and they get fed a meal.  I’ll get pictures up sooner than later but it was amazing to see.  And because of the feeding center many kids in that area are healthy and doing well.  Not the case everywhere here.

Tomorrow I get to go and meet Angela for the first time.  She is our sponsor child from Compassion.  I called the compassion office on Monday and so far everything is set to go.  She is meeting us at a Beach we will be at tomorrow.  She will have a 6 hr drive to get to me.  Hopefully we’ll get some time to swim and play.  Not many of the kids here have ever been in a pool or have been to the beach for enjoyment so we’ll see.  I’m a bit nervous so please pray for me as you think of me tomorrow.  It’s going to be great and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

I can tell it’s day 6.  I’m tired and I miss my husband and girls.  It’s a lot for a mom to be away this long.  But once again Haiti has already changed me and I am really looking forward to how our family will continue to play it’s role in this country and the other places that the Lord calls us to support.  The thing is that once you become aware of something you also become responsible as to what you do about it.

Thanks for all of you who have been reading my blogs.  I just read Aaron Ivey’s blog yesterday and it makes me not want to write another thing about my expereince here. 🙂  He puts it so well how I think most people feel.  He really has done a great job at expressing a lot about the culture and the places we have been.  So be sure to catch up on his.  He’ll fill in the gaps that I’ve been missing for sure