We arrived in Haiti so quickly after we took off from Miami.  Probably because I talked to Debra who is on our team the whole way in.  We looked at each other and could not believe we were here.  We arrived, went through customs, gathered our luggage and then walked out the door.  Pretty simple.  This was the part of the trip that had scared me the most up to this part. Arriving In PAP and the unrest in the city.  When we left the airport there were swarms of people wanting to help us.  We kept pushing through the crowd to our contact Troy who was waiting for us with 2 trucks.  We got them loaded with all of our stuff (we had a lot)and I was able to ride in the cab part of one of the trucks which was great because Troy talked all the way to lifeline and I was really able to get a glimpse at the country as we passed by.  I loved hearing about his story and how he and his wife came to live in this country.  It all started through the journey of adoption.  Does not surprise me at all.

Haiti is just as I remembered it.  15 years later.  The gobs of people, children, houses, land.  I shed a tear looking out the window.  It is so good to be back.  It was awesome hearing Troy talk about Haiti and what we can or can’t do here.  Bottom line… when white people come and visit so many people think they can come in here and change things.  They can’t.  Most of the trips to Haiti are about what Haiti does to you in return.  That is the best thing that Haiti does.  It changes you so that you can go back to where you came from and be different.  When asking him what we can do to help this country he in a round of a bout way said to find people here that are making a difference and support them.  There are many organizations here that are doing some great things.  One of them is the RC and Real Hope for Haiti that we will visit tomorrow.

When we arrived at lifeline (the compound} I realized that as far as my living conditions for the week are concerned I am in really good shape.  This is not like the first time I visited.  Our team has a house area that we are staying at and our own rooms and running water and toilets and electricity.

We had dinner with Tara and Troy.  I saw Tess and Jen and all the kids and had to pinch myself that I was actually here and finally seeing people I’ve been reading about for the past year.  It’s good to be back.  The first time I came here I came because I was fleeing some issues in my life in High School and was encouraged to take a trip to do something for someone else.  In turn I was the one that was totally changed.  Being back here 15 years later is even a result of that.  This time I came out of reasons not about me but in response to going back to a place that has been on my heart for so long and to serve.  And as I get here today I am realizing that once again I was wrong.  I have a feeling this trip will once again be about doing something in me that I will spend the next part of my life responding to.