Last night my incredible friends threw me with a “surprise” send off to Haiti.  Dave said we were meeting up with my family for dinner and on our way he said he arranged for Courtney to watch the girls.  As we pulled up to their house everyone was there and yelling and clapping.  If you know me at all you know I hate these moments.  The all eyes on me moments. But I wiped back the tears and went and enjoyed a great evening with friends, family, kids and the best food in town. 

During the evening was a prayer time for me and I was also presented this book.  Back to Haiti – We go with you.  It’s for the flight.  It’s letters and thoughts from everyone.  I also got a pair of “dream” earrings that I’ll be sure to wear while I am there.  Thank you everyone who came and for all of you who planned the evening.  It was simply amazing.

So many people each and every day get on planes and fly to other parts of the world with the same mind set as I do for my own trip.  They are just going to serve.  Last night you would have thought that I was leaving for 3 months.  So I am honored of the great amount of support and encouragement that I have for my week trip to Haiti.  I feel humbled that so many people have made this trip so important to them and in turn have made it such a big deal to me as well.  Thank you…thank you… thank you….

Debbie (my mother in law) gets in town this afternoon and Dave and I will be heading to Atlanta tonight so that I can catch a flight tomorrow morning.  Today the journey begins for me.  I am ever so excited.  I’m packed, I think I have things here at home prepared for me to be gone, I’m anxious, I’m scared, I’m hoping people on my team will like hanging out with me, but most of all I’m in awe that I have come to this point.  It’s really happening.  I”m ready to buckle my seat belt, steer straight ahead and soak up every moment and experience the next week with everything that I can give and receive.

Thanks friends for loving me!