It has been a pretty busy week.  I think we finally recovered from the weekend and just as we did another weekend arrived.  Today is the 4th and the offical day of our anniversary.  Dave and I just finished a great evening together.  Family time, take out and a movie.  The girls are in bed, Dave is watching footage from last years Masters and I finally have time to unwind and sit and gather my thoughts.  I love blogging.  For me it’s an outlet to think, reflect, ponder and attempt to communicate me.  So here are another list of randoms as I get ready to call it a night.

  • I love being a mom.  The past few days have been so much fun with the girls.  Emma has been on her break this week and Izzie has finally been getting better sleep which leaves her in such a better mood.  Tonight we buzzed like bees and fell on the floor laughing, pretended to be lions while sneaking up on daddy and ate lots of ice cream.
  • I still can’t believe I’ve been married 10 years.  It in no way seems that long.  It really seem like yesterday that we met.
  • Haiti is approaching.  I’m getting more and more excited.  And with that I get more and more anxious about leaving the girls for a week.  I left Izzie for one night last week and when I got back she was so mad at me.  When I got home she cried and turned her head and would not even look at me.  What on earth will she do when 1 day turns into 7.  I’ll be honest, it worries me.
  • Dave and I have started the adoption process.  Well for us we have started.  Started means that we now know and have gathered the information on what we will need to do next.  When that “next” step is …is very undecided.  It could mean next week or next year but it’s great to know that we have in sorts begun.  I think people can float that term around a lot.  I’ve done it myself.  But when we say we are wanting to adopt and are in process of what that means is a big deal for us.
  • Dave’s family is coming next week for a visit.  They have not been here since November I think?  Anyway we are all looking forward to their time here.  I hope they have a good time.  I always worry since I’m not one to cook meals a lot.  I always worry that I’m not being a good host.
  • I’ve started reading a new book and am really enjoying it.  I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about it later.  It’s a big deal for me to read since that is not something that I just enjoy doing.  I mean I enjoy it but when I find a few minutes to myself each day, reading a book is not one of the things I gravitate towards occupying those minutes.
  • My ebay business is in a slump.  I made a few purchases to sell but after a few postings on they did not sell.  It’s hard finding things that you think will sell because who knows if they will or not.  Plus I’m getting really tired of all the $$ ebay charges to list.  They are making a killing off of people.
  • Opinions – I’ve done a lot of reflection about some things this week and have asked many people their opinions on different things.  It is funny how many people have opions on a subject and how they are all different opinions and everyone thinks their opinion is right…at least the way they talk about it makes them think they are right.  This just interests me.  They may be right but they may not be.  hmmm.
  • I have been blown away by the generousity of people for supporting me on my trip to Haiti.  I hate asking people for things and to be able to sit back and have people choose to help you is very humbling to me.  I’ve felt so blessed on this Haiti journey.
  • I am so thankful for my mom.  She is one amazing woman.  She is so supportive of me and loves my children.  I love that we get to have daily interaction with eachother.  She makes my life so rich.
  • I hate that Dave and I have friends that live hours away.  This past week I’ve really realized how much I desire to connect and stay connected with them.  I am hoping that this year we will find intentional ways to bring our families together more.
  • I always want people to like me and know me.  Doesn’t everyone?  But I am realizing more and more how better a person I would be if just the people that are close to my heart would know me better.  I’ve really tried these past few months to open myself up to others and at least for me on my end I’ve been so blessed and fulfilled in the process of knowing people I already know better.
  • My husband = a true Romantic.  He amazes me.  After 10 years he always keep things interesting.
  • 2 Buck Chuck.  Ever heard of it?  It is actually called Charles Schwab… I think that is it.  It’s a bottle of wine that costs 2.50 or something like that but competes with the taste of the 12.00 bottle.  I’m not a fine conesurer of wine but I swear it’s just as good with a meal as any other you’ll find.
  • Emma’s friend Sam is having his birthday this weekend.  He is having a Jesus themed party.  It’s really rather funny but coming off of Christmas he started talking about having a nativity scene birthday party and well he’s having one.  It should be one interesting party.  I’ll be sure to take some pictures.
  • My hair.  Need I say more.  After 2 kids the very curly hair has decided to go flat on top…not straight but flat.  What do you do with that?  My close friends have told me that I need to go and get a new cut and highlights.  Some days I think I’m just going to chop it off.
  • Do you think I’m a random person or what?

Good Night.  Hope all of my 2 readers on my blog are doing well! 🙂