Dave and I are heading to Asheville today to celebrate 10 years of marriage together.  I’ve been planning this time for over a year now and today has finally arrived.  It will be a day and evening designed to be all about us.  I was driving in the car yesterday and I had one of those moments.  I realized I had purposefully planned every detail around us and one of the most awkward things for me personally is to have any moments where all the focus and attention is on me.  How is that for irony?  So I’m pulling up the boot straps and will take one for the team today and try to hide my blushing face when all the eyes are on Dave and I today.

Which brings me to the word community.  If you don’t have it, search for it till you find it.   Dave and I have been so blessed to have friends who have entered our lives these past 10 years and who have chosen to Believe in Us, Trust Us, Inspire Us and Give to Us.  Some of those people are in our lives daily and some of them live in other states.  But we have purposefully and intentionally tried to value and love every opportunity of community we have with people.  Sometimes community comes easy and sometimes we have had to work really hard for it.  But bottom line… as I am now reading a new book When the Game Is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box: by John Ortberg… Almost all things in life are temperary.  At the end of the day when it all goes back in the box, one of the things that will live on are the investments that we make in other people. 

So we celebrate us today.  I’m raising my glass and toasting the man who has made the last 10 years of my life the most amazing ride I’ve ever been on.  Here’s to 10 years Babe.  I love you!