Today was a big moment for Wayfarer.  We received a copy of Domino Effect.  It is a project that Wayfarer has been working on with Thomas Nelson.  It will be in every major Christian Bookstore and other stores as well like Target, Barnes and Noble etc.  I am SO proud of my husband and all the Wayfarer Team who were involved in this project.  We just pray that it will be a great resource to people to further them in their walk.

So what is the Domino Effect?

From the Publisher

The Domino Effect Leader’s Kit helps us enter into the story of good and evil that we find not just in history but all around us. What will we do with the evil that invades our lives and our world? Were we set up to be messed up? Is our world a problem of evil or an opportunity for goodness?

The Domino Effect, the first installment of a trilogy, rips the bandage off of the issue of evil. This aggressively theological and intensely personal initiative prompts life-changing discussion and discovery. It gives us a behind the scenes look at God’s thoughts toward good and evil, and it introduces God’s solution to the problem of evil-redemption.

The leader’s kit features a DVD with 6 sessions, 1 CD with daily audio devotions, 1 leader’s guide and 6 domino’s.

 Way to go Team!