Tonight at Engage my friend Audrey said..”Kim, are you getting excited?  Haiti will be here very soon!” And I can’t believe I am in the countdown now to May 1.  It will be here before I know it.  Haiti brings with it lots of thoughts.  Engage was good tonight.  Chris talked on the signs that Jesus did and showed people when he was here.  And how that relates to us here and now.  And the fact that there are signs all around us of how God is working in our lives, how He is prompting us to give, to help someone, to go and do something, etc.  And instead of sitting around always asking God for more signs or clarity or “God if you just do this for me then I’ll believe or then I’ll go and do that” instead… take those signs and go.  Follow.  Dream. Believe.

For me tonight I sat on the chair of confirmation.  So many times I have been the person who would hear those things but sit and do nothing.  There are still things in my life now that I am doing that with and I need to get up and respond.  But with Haiti I think that is one thing this past year that I heard a promting, heard an inner voice to say go.  Had doubts and questions as to if that is something I should do or not and then with my whole heart said OK, I’ll go.  It was scary.  It still is.  It’s hard for me to leave my family behind.  To leave my girls.  It’s never easy to travel or be away from them.  It’s hard to go somewhere that is not totally safe.  I have lots of fears.  It’s hard for me to not be in control of things but I know this is what I need to do.  I know it’s what I want to do.  Haiti is something that stirs passion in me.  Not because I think I can go there and change things there for people or their situations but because I can’t wait to go and see, hear,  and serve.  I really feel selfish because I need Haiti.  I need it to change me.  I need it to remind me of the things it did 15 years ago that changed my life.  Haiti and the people there gave to me in ways I have never been given to before.  As different as it is to be a part of and see another culture, I am in so many ways craving and desiring to step on the ground again.    These are such random and personal thoughts but I figured I need to dare to share them.   I certainly have nothing figured out.  I just don’t want to be a person who God whispers to and I never respond because of random fears.  I do that more than I should.  So what is God whispering to you in the core of your heart?  Are you willing to take action on those promptings?