Did any of you see Oprah yesterday.  The TV was on and Dave and I were in the room when the story ran of a 3yr old Madelaine who is fighting cancer and Simon Cowell told the family he was paying off their mortgage.  It was a blur of emotion for me… not what Simon did but they chronicled a day for the little girl and it has haunted me ever since.  Dave even sat there and shed some tears.  I think it’s because we have a daughter and it could just as easily be us.  It made us look at each other and both verbally utter how thankful we are for the current health of our children.  We know of people who’s child has leukemia.  I think we all know people who have been affected by cancer and disease.  It made me think of a Video on You Tube that Lori had posted.  If you get some time and want to watch it… It left me with many thoughts. The thing is that I think often times we get paralyzed by thinking “what can we really do for people who are hurting” sometimes the fear of not knowing what to do paralyzes us into doing nothing.  But this was a good reminder to me that we can always just do our best to try and meet the needs of people around us even when it’s just the most simplest thing.  Like just checking on someone, sending them a note of encouragement, taking them a meal.  We don’t have to pay off a mortgage to let people know we care and that we are willing to make a difference in their life.