The front left tire on our Van has been looking low for the past few weeks.   I kept telling Dave about it and finally today I told him I was not driving it until there was more air in it.  So he finally decided to look at it and fill it up only to discover we have a nail in our tire.  Since we can’t get it taken care of for a few days he filled it up more and promised me it was safe to drive for now. 

For some reason I just did not believe that.  Not that I don’t trust my husband but I don’t trust his opinions when it comes to anything to do with the car.  So at work today while Dave was standing right there I asked Reichley (our Mr. fix it and can do anything himself type of guy) if he thought it was safe for me to drive like that.  And he said yes.  So that made me feel so much better.  Dave of course noted the scene I found myself in… not being able to trust his word but totally willing to trust Reichleys word on the matter.  It made for a good laugh for all of us but as I was thinking about it tonight I began to relate that to people and the advise and wisdom that we all often give out and or receive. 

The thing is often times our opinion means nothing if we don’t have experience or knowledge to back it up.   I think the best help we can give others is to share our lives and our experiences in which we have journeyed.  Which is why I think so often people discover their passions out of past experiences .. (good or bad)  It’s because they have some clue as to how to relate to other people when they see them in those same situations. 

So let your talk, prayers, conversations, and actions matter.  Because after all if you don’t know what you are talking about, people know and are not going to follow.  It’s easy to pick out things that are not authentic and genuine.  Dave, my dear husband Dave… get educated on cars or just don’t act like you know about them! 🙂  Until then, I’ll always ask for a second opinion!