We have a golf fundraiser coming up so we needed an updated team picture.  Here are the people that I work with everyday.  I am very excited about this picture because for the longest time I was the only girl on staff.  This past 6 months we’ve added 2 more wonderful ladies.. Wendy and Dawn.  It makes a whole new dynamic at work for me!  I feel very fortunate to get to do something that I love.  I love my job and I love the people I work with.  I am the Event Coordinator for Wayfarer.  Each year I handle all of the details of three guys who travel during the year.  I take care of all the contracts, booking of flights, communication with the event that is booking them etc.  Does not seem like a  big deal but when you have 65+ of these a year, it becomes quite the task. It amazes me the outlets and doors that open up for our three guys (Chris, Chad, and Dave) to take the message and heart of Wayfarer on the road to other places.  And that is just in the speaking world.   So if you ever wonder what I am doing from 9-2 everyday, now you know.  I’m talking to some event somewhere… booking a flight for someone or getting a travel folder ready for one of the guys.  It’s a dream come true! 🙂  If you ever want to see where the guys are heading check out their speaking schedules here.