Remember a few weeks ago I had some questions about… OK God do you really care that people are dying from hunger or that little helpless kids who can’t help themselves are dying because there is no food for them.  Do you care about poverty, people dying with cancer, families being destroyed by all forms of abuse?  Anyway… Last night at our Wayfarer Wives we were talking about all of that in a book we are reading my Dan Allendar.. To Be Told.  And this really helped me.

So has God abandoned his people? No, he has sent you and me.  And it is when we realize he has nudged us into action, to care, to fight, that our awe at His plan takes our breath away.  It is all so odd. He builds burdens in us through our own experience of being orphaned, exiled, and widowed.  And then He uses those losses to deepen our war with him which, of course, He wins again and again as we surrender to his goodness.  In turn He sends us to live out our burdens with those who need us but who, in the long run, end up bringing us more than we could ever offer them.”

Is that not so true?  Everyone has there role to play and only you can determine what that is.  And don’t be surprised when God uses something very ugly and bad in your life to then help restore other people who are experiencing the same.  That is How God works. 

Wendy said last night… If every Believing Family in the world took it upon themselves to invest in one other family who has needs of food, shelter, emotional and physical needs… .just helping one other family… Doing what the bible says… taking care of the poor, widowed, orphaned… Then it would end poverty, it would make sure that every child had a home and a family and needs would be met.  But somehow we just don’t get that.  I don’t know if it is because people are afraid or don’t know where to start. But one person can make a difference.  If everyone took on that attitude then God would meet more people’s needs because he could do it through US.  He is looking to restore things but is needing to do that through his people.  He needs us and in turn we get the blessing. 

Any of you have thoughts or comments on this?  Do you think that we can change the world?