Emma and I made cookies yesterday for our friend Charlie who works/owns the UPS store on 290.  He and his wife Carole are the sweetest people. They are 60+ and own the store.  They work so hard and are there whenever it is open.  In fact I think they have only had one 5 day vacation in the last 5 yrs.  I see them almost everyday since I stop there for Wayfarer for our shipments.  Anyway, Charlie had surgery last week on a hernia so we decided to brighten his day.  You would have thought we gave him a million bucks.

It just goes to show you that a little kindness goes such a long way.  They have been so kind to me with always knowing my name when I walk in the door and knowing and asking about my kids and life.  They not only do this for me but for every customer that comes there way.  It is amazing!