Last night I saw on one of Jamie’s poststhat you could get a pair of swim pant cover-ups for 2.11.  Shipping included.  Check out this link if you want a pair.  I just ordered mine.  I would have gotten the suite for a grand total of 11.oo but Dr 90210 will need to do some repair work on this mother of 2 before I ever bare the belly again! 🙂

But if you know me you know I am a huge bargain shopper and LOVE A DEAL.  That is a great thing for our wallet but a bad thing when sometimes I purchase things that I don’t need just because of the deal.

Yesterday I unexpectedly went major gift shopping.  I decided to get out of the house… cabin fever had hit.  Emma had a gift certificate to build a bear from her birthday (thanks neely’s) so off we went to the mall to get fluffy her bunny some new accessories.  While I was at the mall (I don’t get there very often) I went into some of our favorite stores.  First stop, Banana Republic.  This is Dave’s favorite brand of clothes for shirts.  Mine too.  Their stuff really wears well.  It holds up too after many washings.  And let me just say… I have never paid retail price for anything from that store.  I think their prices are rather high and absurd at times but if you shop out of season or end of season you get fantastic deals.  So yesterday I walked into them getting rid of all their winter stuff.  Bingo!  For instance I got this sweater for Dave that was originally 159.00 and I paid 17.00 for it.  That is the kind of day I was having.  So I have a lot of new purchases for Dave and have gotten all the birthday presents for this year for all the men in our family covered.  The Gap also had some great finds as well.  I don’t shop there much anymore… but found some awesome fitted fleeces for 4.99 and some (RED) shirts that I got for 5.00 for Dave and was told that the percentage amount that goes to fighting Aids is still the same as a regular priced shirt even though I paid pennies for it.

So it’s all in a deal.  Have you found any good deals lately?