Dave spoke at our church yesterday and the night before he came to me to ask if he thought he could wear these white pair of Tom shoes that someone had given to him the week before.  I told him I would have to call my style gooroo… aka Audrey Brooks.  After leaving a message she returned my call and said, “yes absolutely yes.  White is in style anytime and people who say differently don’t know style. ”

Well it was certainly in style yesterday…. So yes, Dave was wearing white shoes Sunday morning!  It was a little shocking I must say and pretty brave on his part.  But I loved them.  He got a  lot of compliments too.  The thing is… our family does not really do the designer thing or knows what the latest look thing is either.  You would not want to come to us for the latest trends.  Neither Dave or I own a pair of designer jeans, shirts, or anything for that matter.  We are rather clueless. I’ve actually only ever even tried on designer jeans twice in my life and after looking at the price tag could never bring myself to purchase them.  It’s a huge internal conflict for me.  I wear jeans everyday to work.  I live in them… my husband does too….  I would be lying if I would sit here and say that I do not want a few pair and I could rationalize making the purchase a few times over.  I’ve even thought about asking for them for Christmas or birthday gifts.  But the internal conflict exists when I can buy a look a like at TJ Max for 25.00 and help a child get a medical Visa to be a part of a life saving surgery for 150.00.   So that is where my thoughts rest lately.  The constant struggle of stuff vs necessity.  We all deal with it.  It’s nothing new.  And if you do have designer wear… I promise I’m not making a statement and don’t think twice about what you wear…. this is just a personal Kim and Dave thing and the honesty of struggles between the need for stuff and the need for hope.

It’s been on my mind a lot this Christmas season.  I hope I always struggle with this issue.  I want to always be sensitive to the world reality and my true necessities.  I want to be able to find a balance between the moments of richly celebrating life and richly sacrificing in life.

So white shoes… a sense of style…. bringing thoughts of necessaity to be this time of year….