I normally am in bed and out by 11:00.  I just don’t function well the next day if I am not.  At 12:30 last night I am starring at the ceiling.  I can’t sleep.  What is wrong with me?  Probably a lot of things but I find myself this week with so much going on in my head that my mind can not rest.  I think I fell off to sleep sometime before 2. 

I finally got to talk to Dave last night.  Dave travels a lot.  And he married the right woman for sure.  I do fine with him being gone weeks at a time.  However, this week I have learned that I am fine as long as we get a quick “how are you today ?” conversation in.  So going 2 days without being able to communicate with each other was as if he had been gone for a month.  Good things to find out and know.

But today what I really want to leave you with is this post by Aaron Ivey. He is also in Peru with Dave.  I don’t think he would mind me sharing his blog he wrote last night with you.  I think this blog is why I just could not sleep.  I really laid in bed last night… I cried, I thought, I wondered, I dreamed, I hoped, but at the end of it all I felt so much joy.  This post is one of the most moving written pieces I think I have read in a long time.  I think it had such impact on me because I find myself in his story and often can not seem to articulate those feelings in words.   Through discovering who I am, I’ve realized I have such a passion for children who are in search of hope.  I can’t say anything more.  Just please if you have a few more minutes, please read his post.

Have a wonderful day everyone.  Thanks for checking in on me today.