So my friend Audrey sent this picture over to me. We had a pumpkin carving over at the Reichley house this past Sunday. Everyone had so much fun. This is our clan. We are missing a few people like Robert who is getting married this weekend and Blake who was out of town but we do have all the Wayfarer kids present. What a bunch huh? It’s so much fun doing life with these people. Now that It’s November 1st we can start focusing on the being Thankful month. So today for this first day of November I’m thankful for my Wayfarer Family. Journeying through life is a whole lot of fun but being able to journey through it with people at your side is even better.

On another note. G-Ma is coming to our house today. She lives in Florida and this year we have not seen them much. Kayleigh started kindergarten this year so she is on the school schedule now. We are picking G-MA up at the airport today. She is making the trip by herself just to spend some time with us and the grand-kids. We are super excited. We’ve got some fun plans for her this weekend and I’ll share more later.