Oh new blogs.  I just spent a good amount of time writing a blog to find it missing.  Oh well.  So you’ll have to get the short version.

I am reading the book “To Be Told” by  Dan Allender.  It’s been a good read.  Some girlfriends and I are meeting once a week to go through it. 

It’s basically about finding your story.  Taking stuff from  your past and connecting the dots of your journey to discover more about why you are the person that you are today.  It has been very good.  I’ve had a few good discovery moments.  Way too much for me to put down on paper but I think I’ve made some self realizations that are really going to catapult me in my future.

This past week we discussed our Shalom moments.  Moments of pure peace.  I’ve had a lot of those growing up.  Like ice skating on a frozen creek in MI in the back of our house or walking on the beach at sunset.  I’ve had a lot of them.  Then we also had the chance to share about our shattering moments.  I’ve had a lot of them too.  Haven’t we all?  But one thing that really stuck with me this week was this comment on the shattering moments… “These things explain me … but they do not define me”  Isn’t that something to think about.  Our tragedies in life can really mold us into people we don’t want to be but at the end of the day our tragedies don’t have to define us.  It just hit me in the face.  It may not do anything for you but you know.. my blog… gotta love it.