I get a call from Emma’s school this morning at 10am and they tell me that Emma fell on the playground and busted her chin. They thought it needed stitches. Now my child hates cuts. I remember one time she got a paper cut on her finger and you would have thought her finger got cut off. When I got to the school it was much worse than I could have pictured. She had a huge gash. Off we went to the Dr. She was a true trooper. They had to tie her down on a board so they could do what they needed to do. I really felt helpless. Can’t describe the moments that followed but she finally got stitched up and only cried a little. She was such a big girl. I almost passed out and had to sit down. Off we went to Toys R Us for anything she wanted! I must say that our Pediatrician is amazing. He was so good with her and he made this terrible accident something that we were able to handle. Our angel for the day. So Emma is recovering and doing better. Here are picts from tonight. Her first stitches. I was told she will have a scar. I hate that for her. But thank goodness she is a girl. Nothing make up can’t fix when she gets older.

The Stitches

Izzie taking a look
Emma took this picture of me… tired and worn out!