So I did not post this week. Too busy having too much fun. And when I went to download pictures from my camera to Dave’s computer, his computer would not let me. Weird! I’ll have to post them next week. We have had such a wonderful week. It could not have had nicer weather. The girls have been great and having Nana and Papa around has been wonderful. I have slept in till 9:30 every day. Izzie gets up and mom would come and get her and she would tell me to go back to bed! What a huge blessing for a mom in need of much needed rest. For hours we have played by the ocean, swam in the pool, played a lot of put put. We’ve had some great meals out and Emma and I spent way too much money at the Disney Store!

I’ll sum up the trip in detail next week. But till then, we’ll keep doing what we are doing…. having a blast!