We have had a busy week this week. Our family has jumped off the summer schedule and right into a busy fall schedule. Why is life so busy at times?

Emma had a meet your teacher yesterday. She is attending the 4K program at Anderson Mill Church in Spartanburg. I was really impressed with her teacher. She’s very organized and detailed and I love it. Emma can’t wait to start school. She starts Monday. She’ll go M-F from 9-12.

Izzie had a Dr.s appt yesterday to check up on her tubes. They are in and working. Izzie has grown so much these past 2 weeks. You can’t take your eyes off of her. She is pulling up on everything. I imagine she’ll be walking in the next month or so. She turns 1 in 8wks… Where did this first year go?

I have been busy getting a shower ready for my sister that happens tomorrow. My sister is expecting her first baby in 7 weeks. She looks wonderful. They are having a little girl, Caitlyn. But lately my biggest challenge is figuring out what to make or not to make for dinner each night. I have decided that I totally hate cooking. That is kind of a problem because I’m the only one that cooks. My poor husband will come home at night and I tell him that I forgot to make dinner. So we have been getting take out a lot lately. Maybe because it’s been so hot here that I have just not cared. Who knows.

Dave is busy busy busy. Did I mention he was busy. God continues to keep opening doors for Wayfarer. We are very thankful and blessed and very excited about this new year for Wayfarer. Oh yeah, Dave’s fantasy football league is starting up so that is always a good time for him.

The last thing that I am very excited about is that we have one more vacation planned. Next Saturday we are heading to Myrtle Beach for the week. We went last year and had a good time and we are heading back again. Emma just loves it there. The place that we stay has a lazy river and pools and the beach and we play putt putt every night. So we are really excited that we have that in our back pocket. Can’t believe it went under the radar so far. And then after that our summer will truly be over.

So there you go, a quick update. No creativity behind this blog. Just the normal.