Last night Dave and I got into a heated discussion about some things concerning challenges and issues we are facing as a married couple and as a family. Good conversations but it ended in a lot of frustration. Dave who was going to go for a run at 10:30 at night instead harshly closed or bedroom door and went to bed while I stayed up and watched a bit more TV. I finally decided to head to bed myself. I figured I would do the usual when we are in outs with each other… Go to bed and try not to touch him or if he touches me scoot as far away as possible. But as I got in bed I heard him huff and I was going to make a comment and decided not to. Instead I find him rolling me over and he started to rub my back. I asked.. “what are you doing?” He said, “rubbing your back” and I huffed back “why?, did God tell you to rub my back or something?” and he said, “actually yes he did and I’ve been laying here trying to figure out how I don’t have to do it.” I laughed, he laughed and I had one of the best back rubs yet.

I certainly did not deserve a back rub from him. I said some pretty harsh and frustrating things. But I am glad the spirit nudged him to show grace to me. As I laid there I had this huge awakening of being shown grace. Pretty spiritual. I’m sure you have had those moments too.
I love my husband. Through the thick and thin he’s one of the most amazing people that I have ever crossed paths with. I just got to be lucky enough to actually marry him!