Well this summer has ended with a bang!

Dave was heading home this morning from AL and got a flat tire on I-20. I think that is my worst nightmare. Especially when you have children in the car.

He’s on the side of the road and calling me asking me what to do! I’m 4 hrs away… What am I supposed to do? I am envisioning a car driving by and hitting him. Leaving Emma there all alone to fend for herself. That is of course if Dave could change a tire. Yes my husband is good at many many things. Changing tires and light bulbs are not among those things. So you can imagine my panic when I received this news. I love him dearly but someone failed him in life. Either it was his drivers ed teacher or his father 🙂 Ha!

It was probably a good thing I was 4 hrs away since we would have probably ended up in a level 10 fight over his lack of knowing what to do. So….
A call to the police to come and help – discouraging… a no show
A call to join AAA. Costly… 89.00 to join and get help
A call from Dave to tell me he finally figured it out – Priceless
Finding a place to replace our tire – annoying
Dropping another 180.00 for a new tire and peace of mind – necessary
A mom at home, glad everyone is safe and ok – relieved
Still a long trip ahead of Dave through Atlanta traffic – tiring

So that was our day. We are now members of AAA and have blown a good chunk of our vacation money but my husband has finally learned how to change a tire. He did loose his bracelet at camp this week that I just bought him for his birthday and the back of his cell phone is lost (still trying to figure that one out. But I am still thankful. The summer has ended as far as his travel. He had a blast with Emma at camp and I can’t wait till they both walk through the door.