Our family was in downtown Greenville last night celebrating Addie Gail Brooks first birthday. Now that most of our friends have more than 1 child it seems there is always a birthday to celebrate. It was a great party. While we were there in the area we decided to visit Dave’s aunt and uncle who just moved to the area a while back. They bought this old mill home about 5 months ago and decided to gut it and renovate it. I saw this home about 3 months ago when they just started working on it. When I saw it I thought there was no way possible to ever make the thing livable. I’m not the greatest big picture person. When I look at things I most of the time just see the details. And the details on getting this home to the place where I thougth they could live in it seemed impossible. I was totally shocked when we walked through the door. What was once such an eye sore and heap of work, was now a beautiful work in progress and definiteley a wonderful livable space. Who would have known? How could I have doubted?

Thought about a lot of our families mission… finding broken places in this world and making beauty out of them. So many moments I look at the task and can’t see the big picture but just the details. I get overwhelmed and even doubt at times that God can take something so broken and barren and make something beautiful out of it. But he does. We constantly bump into lives that he has restored and we watch and reflect in awe of the beauty he has created. I really want to look at things and immediately see the big picture and not just the details. In the end the big picture is a wonderful thing.