This site is a site I view weekly that always puts my life in perspective. If you all have been reading lately you know I have a heart for Haiti. The thing with today is that in the past if you really wanted a wake up call on the reality of life outside our US bubble you would need to actually go on a trip to be educated on the poverty and need of people all across our world. Now with the Internet we can sit at home and read and see people’s lives who are in such need. There are 4 people on this site in need of Visa’s to come to the US for surgery. Almost everyday there is a need out there that you can respond to. If this interests you and you feel called to help, please help and if not then find other ways to help others… it does not always have to be financial. It’s not fun seeing the brokenness in people’s lives but it is a constant reminder to me and my family of the rich blessings we have. The struggle for bigger houses, more money, better cars, time for ourselves could be a much less struggle if people really got a glimpse into the reality of our broken world.