Is there anything in your life that is God Breathed? Do you have a constant urging that you are supposed to do something that is out of the ordinary or maybe even crazy? I love when I run into people who are daring to live out in faith what they feel God is calling them to do. I ran into one of these people at one of our friends birthday parties. The birthday party was great. We love celebrating birthdays in the community of friends that we have. It’s always a good time of celebrating life and for lots of fun with friends. This person goes to our church. I noticed that she was looking a little pregnant but far be it for me to ever ask anyone if they are pregnant when you are not sure. She is older and has children who are older. So I was a bit curious to wonder what was up. They left the party early so when they were gone I asked my friend is she was expecting. She said she was and went into saying that she is being a surrogate mom for a couple who the woman can’t carry a baby. The woman has had 19 miscarriages. This baby is fully the other couples, but “Sarah” lets call her that… felt called to carry their child for them and to help them out. The thing is I remember about a year ago, Sarah was doing a photo shoot for Wayfarer and I was driving around the car with her and we were talking about adoption, (she was adopted) and fostering and she at that time had mentioned she was feeling like she was supposed to help someone out in need.

So a year later, I find her pregnant… acting on a hunch of something she was supposed to do. Pretty daring I must say. I can’t imagine the gift she is giving to this other couple of offering her body up as a place for their baby to grow.

But anyway, I just wanted to share that with you because it inspired me. There was also another couple there last night who have older children in high school and have taken in two African American kids who have been in the foster system to be part of their family and adopt them.

Not every one’s God breathed things in their lives are things that involve children or helping families but I do think that everyone has those things.

Right now I have been wrestling with the idea that I am maybe supposed to be getting together thousands of croc shoes and shipping them off to people in Haiti. If you know anything about Haitians… they need shoes and they are in a place where there is water and dust and the only thing I think of is how useful crocs would be. So I have no idea how to even start to accomplish this possible urging… I hate to even talk about it now because I will feel bad to not do anything with the idea. I mean, how, who, where would I send them? Would it even matter? Any ideas out there would help….. But anyway all that to say is that I know we all have these God breathed urgings… I just wonder what yours is?