Emma and I had the best day together today. She went with me to work. She was so good and did her own thing while I worked away. Then we went to lunch together at the mall, got Dave a fathers day gift and made a big 1.50 purchase of stick on earrings that she just loves. She had VBS tonight and has been coming home wild. Tonight was no different. She was running around crazy while I was trying to listen to Dave live tonight. SL was broadcasting his talk live from Shocco Springs. After a lot of frustration she finally made it to bed where she started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said.. “I’ve ruined the perfect day… I’ve ruined the perfect day!” As I comforted her and we said our prayers and tucked her in, I walked away internally laughing. These are moments I want to write down and not forget and that is what I just did. Kids… life would be so so so so boring without them!