Congrats Chad and Wendy on 10 yrs of marriage.

I think it was on one of our vacations that we came up with this crazy idea. As each of our friends celebrate their 10 yr anniversary of being married, that couple throws a bash for all the other friends. Everyone will do it one time and we’ll enjoy community in the middle of it. So the gist is that you will throw down a lot of money at one point in your life for this but it will all come back to you as more friends celebrate their 10 yr. I think it’s a fabulous idea.

Well last night the party was thrown and it was fabulous to say the least. We now all have a lot to live up to. It was an all paid 3 hour dinner with lots of toasts and roasts. It was wonderful. It’s hard for me to realize that I’ve known them for 10 yrs now. Both Chad and Wendy have had such impact on my life as a person. They have always been there through the great times and the struggles. Our older children Sam and Emma have spent every day together since they were 3 months old. So Chad and Wendy.. thanks for letting me have a daily peak into your life and your marriage. Thanks for always living hard but loving harder.