Today is Dave’s sister Kayleighs 5 year old birthday. I bet many of you did not know that I had a sister in law who is 5!

5 years ago today Kayleigh was born into a world that did not have much to personally offer her. She was born addicted to heroin with a mother who did not want her, into a family that was very messed up and not able to care for her. That is when Dave’s parents felt called to take this little girl and make a better life for her and call her their own. So courageous being 45ish at the time to start life over with kids again. They were just about a few years into enjoying life as empty Nester’s.

Kayleigh is a beautiful girl who has been given the world in love and back again. She is so blessed and so loved and so well taken care of.

Emma loves Kayleigh and we are so thankful for her to be in our family. Kayleigh is Emma’s best girlfriend and loves to play all day all the girly stuff when they are together. We miss her so much since we are in SC and she is in FL. Out times together are too few and in between but we make the best out of it as we can.

So happy birthday Kayleigh. We love you very much and are so blessed that you are a part of our family!